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Druid Coalitions
There are new Regional coaltions forming to serve the international path of Druidism. They are, at present, losely linked and in contact during the formation process.  The following list will grow and change, as new coalitions are formed.
The Gathering of Irish Druids, which was part of the inspiration for the
North Carolina Druids will be "hosting" the South-East Druid Coalition USA.
The SEDC-USA has no separate website or e-list at this time, but NC Druids has both:
There's also Nemedhiu_na_h-Alba, a study and planning group, and e-list, for
members of the Corcu Nemedhiann and others on a Druidic path in Scotland, who are "hosting" the Scottish Druid Coalition. Both of these have e-lists:
California Druids will be the "host" of the South-West Druid Coalition USA.
Some of the people in CA Druids have also joined with some people in the PNW and are forming the Pacific NorthWest Druid Coalition. CA Druids and the PNWDC have e-lists:
The North-East Druid Coalition
Formed in August of 2003, the NEDC is comprised of and open to all orders, groves and Druidic organizations in our region. The North East Druid Coalition covers NJ, NY, PA, MA, CT, RI, VT, ME, NH, and Ontario, Canada.
Chris LaFond
Ellen Evert Hopman

National and International Groups

Adder Oaks Druid Nemeton

British Druid Order

Croman's Grove

Druids of Albion



Llys Dôn e-list

Llys Dôn homepage

Nemedhiu-L (Corcu Nemedhiann)


Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids homepage

Order of Whiteoak

Reformed Druids of North America

           RDNA Current Groves and Info:

Scottish Druid Coalition

Spirit Of the North Gathering

The Druid Network

The Henge of Keltria

The Oak Grove (online)

The Summerlands

Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship

Regional Groups


ArkOkla Druids

ArkOklaDruids e-list

Congregation of the Oaks  and


Druids of Texas


Highland Oak Nemeton (OBOD Seedgroup, Baton Rouge, LA)

Live Oaks Protogrove, ADF

Llygedyn Grove (Central Texas) 

Missouri Druid Network